Makiko says,

“I used to run an after school club, I would bring all the ingredients, rice and the rolling mat, then show children how to make their own sushi.”

“Children are quick learners so they can make loads, and they loved making sushi to take home for their parents. I gave them lots of different vegetables and fish and they would be really creative.”

“If children weren’t sure, I would ask them to help me to make it. If they don’t like sushi I won’t push it but give them a positive environment and at least they might try.”

Kids Sushi Making Party

Looking for a unique experience for your child? Try Makiko’s sushi making class! Perfect for a birthday party.

Making your own apron or Japanese calligraphy
Can bring your own cake and candles
Making 3 type of sushi with sushi chef Makiko
Have a competition at the end to choose the best sushi chef!
Minimum 10 people, Maximum 18 people
£28 per child, £34 per adult for a 2 hour class

Enquire for booking via email:

“We have booked Suzu Sushi for my son’s 8th birthday party. And how glad we were we did! We have been give a 5-star treatment by Makiko-san. The children all said that this was the best party they have ever been to! They were entertained from the moment they walked in until the very end. No fights, tears, or arguments. Had a stranger walked in, he would have assumed they were at school! Makiko-san kept the children busy and happy, but most importantly utterly engaged. She did her magic in making them all work so hard and do their best. They loved what they made – they were so very proud of their creations! We were over the moon. One suggestion – keep your party size smaller and do this with more mature children in order to maximize this amazing learning experience. Thank you again, Makiko-san! ″ Josephine Storek

“We had a very nice party today. Thanks a lot for organizing.” Mum of birthday boy

“Thank you for organising this with me.” Stephanie

“They are great – thanks so much and she did really enjoy it so thank you again for the party.” Harriet

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