Japanese cooking and culture

My school is very hands on, exciting and in a fun environment to learn about cooking and culture.

I have taught many people in the last 5 years and realised that not many people know about Japanese culture in cooking and eating.
Many Asian foods have become more westernised in Europe, so I would like to show you authentic foods with historical.

Cooking Classes

Sushi Class Mochi Class Dumpling Class Kids Half-Term Class Vegan Class Knife Sharpening Class Advanced Sushi Class Plum Wine Class

Can I learn about Japanese Cooking & Culture?

Cooking is an important part of Japanese culture and it’s worth learning about them together. There are a number of publicly avilable courses and classes you can take. Suzu House in London, run by Japanese teacher Makiko Sano, is a well known school.

Can I take classes to learn about Japanese Cooking?

There are a variety of different courses you can take to learn about Japanese Cooking. Look for one (such as Makiko Sano’s) that also talks about the history of dishes as well as the ingredients.

Is there a Japanese Cooking school in London?

There are a few Japanese cooking schools in London. All of them are very popular with well-respected teachers. Suzu House is only Japanese cooking school in London that is happy to have children attend.

Dear All, Hope you are well and not too bored at home during lockdown! As much as I would like to meet everyone to teach you, it is wise to stay home following the government guidelines. People who booked a class already, or people who have gift vouchers can rebook your class or extended your voucher until 31/08/20. I will further extend if needed, if the situation hasn’t improved. Please stay home everyone, and stay safe! It’s a good time to learn something new while you are at home. I am learning piano online, and I want to learn some songs to impress my friends! Take care and see you soon! Makiko