All of the mother’s wish

All of the mother's wish Makiko Sano


I still remember when my son was born.

I had a very fast labour, it was the most painful out of all my children. He was so beautiful and he looked very healthy.

He cried very loudly, and it was so heartwarming to hold him.

Even though I gave birth to 4 children, every time I was always worried if my baby would be born safely. I was the happiest person in the world when the midwife handed me my son. I’m sure every mother thinks the same thing. All the discomfort and pain from the previous 9 months just fades away as soon as your new baby is in your arms for the first time.

Of course the first few months were tough, I couldn’t sleep and was constantly tired, but I was enjoying being a mother.

Having a special needs child is not easy. His birth had gone so smoothly that I hadn’t even thought of coming across any major obstacles. When we discovered he was autistic it took some time for me to accept it. Even if he didn’t talk much and he was happy to play alone, he was perfect to me.

I studied so hard to understand everything about autism as I didn’t want to believe that there was no cure. I researched everywhere on the internet to find out what I can do for my son, and search for a cure .

It amazing to look back at how Leon was when he was dignasoued as autistic, and how is now. He lacked social skills, and he would bite and hit people. He was happy to stay with his family, but had no interest in other people or the world around him.

Leon is 20 years old now and I am grateful that he is my son. There is no miracle or god’s help here. It was just hard work to teach him, feed him and love him to get to where we are. My son is exactly the same as every other child who came to this world with love and hope.

I would like to introduce our journey and our plans for future.