Mochi! Collaborate with Lisa Gachet

Gluten free desserts become more popular than before. Happy to announce that most of Japanese dessert can be gluten free. This is Makiko’s favourite dessert “Daifuku mochi” added azuki paste and strawberry. You can see the recipe of mochi from Lisa’s blog.

BBC radio

The guest on Gaby Roslin on BBC Radio on 9th of March 2014 and 20th of April 2014. On Twitter—Gaby Roslin: @MakikoEats Your sushi was the best ever. Honestly delicious. Just ask @kennydoughty and @tomwriggleswort Thank you for coming on the show   Edward Adoo – BBC London – Gaby Roslin Show with Harriet Scott – Sunday April 20th 2014Continue reading BBC radio