Delicious pork!

One of my favourite meat is pork, especially fatty pork. The combination of the juicy, tender meat and crispy skin makes my mouth water. It’s always been a favourite food to eat, but I have always thought it wasn’t healthy for me, and it would be something I’d have as a treat. Pork contains saturated fats which can cause a buildup of cholesterol in your blood vessels, so it’s not good to each too much of it! However, upon doing some research I’ve discovered that it’s not as bad as I thought! I didn’t even need to dig deep to find out; the first search result for ‘fatty pork’ was an article called ‘Fatty Pork Announced as Top 10 Most Nutritious Food in the World’(1) Unlike beef and lamb, pork contains a form of vitamin B called Thiamine, which is good for metabolism and nervous system. And, of course, pork is mostly made up of protein, which is very important for building cells for muscle, skin, and organs. Pork is eaten a lot in Japan, but I found out something interesting about meat in Japan. 

When Buddhism became the state religion of Japan, eating meat began to be taboo and frowned upon. One of the reasons for this was because of the Buddhist belief in reincarnation of humans and animals; if they ate meat they believed that there would be a chance of accidentally consuming an ancestor. I got a little worried about that idea…what if I ate one of my ancestors! I used to play a lot of tennis, and so I used to eat a lot of katsudon

Delicious pork! Makiko Sano

It’s a bowl of deep fried pork cutlets with egg, sat on top of Japanese rice. Katsu means to win, so it’s traditional to eat it before a big game. The carbohydrates from the rice gave  me energy, and the protein from the pork and egg supported my muscles. It never failed to pump me up. It’s a delicious meal: I recommend it 100%! 

I might do a class on how to make katsudon, if that’s something you’d be interested in let me know!


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