Dr. Poo

My mother used called me “ Dr Poo”

I used to check my children’s stool everyday. Because I believe that having healthy stool is very important for your gut and health.

Also your gut is telling you how your body’s condition is.

My children didn’t like that idea of mummy always check but it was my daily routine. I used to check it for my animals when I was young. Some people get offended by picking up dogs and cats poo but I was happy to pick them up and check.

My mother cares about our health since I was born. She cooks everything from fresh.She told me that the best poo is “ banana poo”

“Banana poo”                                                                                                             The best poo should be “perfect banana colour, texture and moist” Like banana when its ready to eat. 80% should be water, and others are bacteria, unwanted food from what you ate and also intestinal mucosa.

Let me introduce most common poo we have

“Brown poo”                                                                                                            About 60% is water and usually dark brown. smell is like a bit bitter than normal and quite hard to push.This is poo is usually when you had too much meat. Make sure you eat more fibre and vegetable with your meal.

“Thin poo”                                                                                                               Usually 80% water and very soft. Smells very bitter and can go to toilet often.( usually during or after meal)This poo contains bad bacteria. Meaning is you need to have pro biotic or check your gut conditions with your doctor to see what cause this problem.Also your muscle around your gut is weak.

“Runny poo”                                                                                                                   85 -90% is water and usually have this runny poo with tummy ache. Def you need to take probiotic as well as think what you ate. Usually You may have allergy with some food or your body is not keen to digest them.Also it cause from stress. Your mind and gut is connected well so you may cause the runny poo from something worries you or nerves.

“50% 50% poo”                                                                                                            You have sometime good poo to begin with and runny at the end. This cause from the dehydration from your body also mainly coming from stress. Make sure you have plenty of water during a day as well as some warm tea will be good too.

This sounds very disgusting but please remember that it’s very important! 

Check you “poo” everyday!