Freezing food

I go to a big shopping once a week as I have a big family.Buying some vegetables, fish and meat sound like saving money and I used to wasted a lot of them too.My mother gave me some tricks to save my time in my kitchen and great for my children to eat some proper food not junk food when they are back from school.I will show you some ideas what I do at home.

Rules of freezing                                                                                                           

Rules of freezing 1. do not let it dry. – Make sure you wrap it tightly to not to let air touch it. 2. double wrap – cling films and zip bag have a smallest holes so make sure you wrap it twice!3. use plastic containers and freeze with liquid. do not freeze with store containers!

Rice- wrap it when its warm. and let it cool and freeze.Cling film and zip bag 

Freezing food Makiko Sano

A pack of Salmon I bought 2 packs, and marinated with one pack and miso with another. freeze them and cook on a grill as frozen for 6 to 8 mins both side

Freezing food Makiko Sano

Mushroom –

a pack of white mushroom a pack of shiitake a pack of oyster sliced them and pack them in 3 zip bags and freeze as fresh.

Freezing food Makiko Sano
Freezing food Makiko Sano

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