Have you tried Takoyaki?

Takoyaki is a popular ball shaped Japanese food made out of grilled batter with octopus inside. The name translates to ‘grilled octopus’: Tako (octopus) Yaki (grilled). Takoyaki originated from Osaka in 1935, gradually increasing in popularity across Japan. It’s known as a staple street food and are available at supermarkets, as well as restaurants that specialise in it.

Takoyaki made with specially designed pans that have many half circle moulds in them, which the cook will fill with a wheat flour takoyaki batter. They are often filled with chopped octopus, pickled ginger, green onion. As the batter cooks it is flipped over with a thin pick, ensuring the outsides are cooked and crispy, and the insides are soft and tender. Then they are drizzled with brown takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise, finishing it of with dried bonito flakes.

You can buy these pans for home use; I have one that I love to use to make takoyaki with my children. Please be careful when cooking and eating takoyaki: the pan gets very hot, and the inside of freshly cooked takoyaki is also very hot. I’ve burnt my mouth many times trying to eat them too fast…they’re just so delicious!