Hope you are well

I can tell you how I control my monkey mind. 
My money mind is the cheeky, bossy part of my brain that loves to give me a headache.

It’s very hard to be positive when you are angry or annoyed. You can’t help but see everything negatively. 
I am sure there are people in your life who you’ve had problems with, and would rather them again.

I thought to myself “I wasn’t like this before. I wasn’t as bitter before. Why did I become like this?”
Now I see that all my thoughts were negative. I let all those thoughts consume me, and it showed to the point where people around me would notice.

What I have started to do now is imagine the person I’m not fond of in my head, and I tell them “I always hope you are well  even if I don’t want them in my life. Even when my monkey mind is in my head talking constantly and giving me negative thoughts, I keep saying “Hope you are well.”

If someone comes into your mind who is negative,  say it: “Hope you are well.” You can have an angry face when you say it. Keep saying it, and one day when you are in a better place in life, you will be able to say it with smile.

You need to focus on your own life, and not get pulled down my toxic people and their actions. You should strive for happiness.

Saying “ I hope you are well ” to them in your mind is a way of letting them go.

And I hope you can say it with a smile one day.