Korean cooking class

During my trip to South Korea my youngest daughter and I went to attend a popular cooking class in the area.

As South Korea and Japan are right next to each other but we use very different ingredients in our cuisine. This spiked my interest and so I decided to take part and learn more about what Korean cooking.

I noticed that there are some similarities in the ingredients used in Korean and Japanese cooking:

  • Soy sauce
  • Miso: Korean dishes use red miso more often, which contains more salt so they use a very small amount to make soup
  • Vegetables: Shiitake, mooli, and spring onion which are all very common in Japanese cooking
  • Vinegar – Korean dishes use more apple vinegar and Japanese use rice vinegar

Ginger and garlic were key ingredients in Korean cooking. I knew that Korean people loved garlic but I didn’t realise the extent in which they use it in their cooking!

The cooking class was a great learning experience for me, and my daughter enjoyed it as well! I look forward to exploring more flavours from more cultures around the world!