Learning Makiko Sano

-Sushi making class and free rolling mat-

£19 per person

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Sushi class details


This class is the most popular class to learn all about sushi and Japanese culture.

In this class you will learn how to make 4 types of sushi that you find at most Japanese restaurants:





Makiko will also show you how to cut your own sushi with a sashimi knife, and will teach you Japanese table manners. 

There will be a competition at the end of the class; you can win my cooking book!


Vegan sushi options available: We use Aubergine, red pepper, asparagus, shiitake mushroom, cucumber. 

If you have any concerns of allergies, please contact Makiko prior to attending the class so that she can prepare alternative ingredients. 

We are happy to have children age from 5-10 years old accompanied by an adult, and 11 years old to late teens (without an adult).

Unfortunately we cannot allow any smaller children attending the class to prevent disrupting the class and the other customers.

                                                 Learning Makiko Sano



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£19 per person 

I love dumplings! I used to make a lot with my grandmother when I was young. It’s a skill I’d like to share with you all. Let’s make a lot of dumplings!

The Class details

  • We have pork, Prawn and vegetarian fillings.
  •  Vegetables we use for the filling are cabbage, carrots, leek, and chives.
  • We don’t make the dumpling skin but we have plenty of them to make lots and lots of dumplings.
  • Makiko will show you how to shape the dumplings.
  • You will first make 10 dumplings, and then Makiko will cook them for you.
  • We have rice, miso soup, and salad that you can help yourself to.
  • After eating 10 dumplings, you can start making another 10 if you are still hungry.
  • You can’t take any dumplings home, so eat your fill!
  • You will get all the recipes in the class.




                                                    Learning Makiko Sano


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I love katsu curry!

I used to eat katsu curry once a week at least when I was young.

It’s not difficult to cook at all! Also we can cook other dishes like curry soup and curry udon.

This class is “all you can eat”

We have chicken, pork, Salmon and vegetables to make katsu.

Makiko will show you what you need to do katsu and ready to cook!

We cook a batch of curry sauce with full of onion, carrots and potatoes.


                                              Learning Makiko Sano


Knife sharpening class

£48 per person

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Not many people sharpen their knives at home, and many of them don’t know how to. I think is it a very useful skill and will allow you to enjoy cooking more than ever.  Sharpening knives is a rewarding and satisfying experience!

The class details:

Introduction to the few types of sharpening stones.

  1. Introducing the types of knives we use
  2. Techniques to sharpen knives
  3. Sharpening your knives with Makiko
  4. How to cut/slice fish 
  5. How to prepare fish for sashimi 
  6. Try some fish you filleted with fresh wasabi and soy sauce!


    • We provide everything we need for the class
    • You can bring max. 5 knives from home
    • You can take some sashimi home with fresh wasabi


Learning Makiko Sano

£38 per person

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There are a lot of easy vegan alternatives in Japanese cuisine, and there are a lot vegan side dishes that are enjoyed on a daily basis. Eating vegetables is so important for the body, they are a lot easier to digest than meats, and there are many delicious dishes that can be made from easily accessible ingredients.


Knowing how to make a good vegan stock will open the doors to many amazing dishes, so I will teach you how to make it at home. 

The class details:

  1. Our rules of using which vegetables to cook together
  2. Introducing some unusual and tasty vegetables 
  3. Vegetables used in Japanese vegan dishes
  4. Seasonal vegetables
  5. How to prepare several vegan dishes.

We will cook:

    • Vegan stock 
    • Friend tofu
    • Grilled augergine
    • French beans marinated with aroma sesame  
    • Simmered Mountain potato 
    • Simmered beans and vegetables broth
    • Bright eyes carrots salad


Learning Makiko Sano

£19 per child

Please email Makiko for availability

Makiko is happy to travel to come your house to cater your party.

Learning Makiko SanoLearning Makiko Sano