Magic Monk Fruit

Monk fruit, also known as ‘Buddha fruit’, is a fruit native to southern China, and has been used as an alternative to sugar. The fruit extract is 100-250 time sweeter than regular sugar!(1)

This fruit has no calories or carbohydrates, and won’t increase your blood sugar levels; this means that it’s a good choice for those with diabetes.

There’s a major problem with the amount of sugar that’s in everyday foods, I think it’s important to explore other options that are less harmful to the body; I want to try and incorporate them into my cooking.

Other than the sweetness, monk fruit also contains vitamin C which is one of the most important vitamins, aiding the production of white blood cells which helps the immune system, and collagen which our bodies use to repair/create cells, muscles, and blood vessels.

What do you think? Do you think it’s important to makes some changes to our modern diets?

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