Mochi! (class coming soon!)

Mochi is made from a type of Japanese glutinous rice that is pounded until it becomes a sticky paste. The making of mochi is strenuous and can take a whole day to make, so nowadays there are machines that can make them a lot quicker and easier. However there’s nothing quite like eating fresh mochi after watching it being made in front of you by hand! As mochi is relatively flavourless it is used in both sweet and savory recipes, and can be combined with lots of different flavours.

Types of mochi foods :

Daifuku – Mochi stuffed with a sweet filling, often sweet red bean paste or a strawberry. 

Mochi ice cream – Mochi filled with flavoured ice cream.

Oshiruko – A bean soup with served with small pieces of mochi.

Yakimochi – Grilled mochi, often served with a sweet soy glaze.  

Western people may look at the moon and see the moon’s face, on the other hand Japanese people see a rabbit in the moon. Known in Japan as ‘Tsuki no Usagi’, the rabbit pounds mochi rice cakes; there are many variations of this legend in other countries in East Asia.(1) Traditionally mochi is made during a festival called ‘mochitsuki’, and eaten during the New Years season; the stretchy texture of the mochi is believed to represent a long life and wellbeing. Due to its popularity it’s a lot easier to buy mochi, and it’s very fun to make it yourself!

I will be doing a mochi making class soon! Stay tuned for updates!


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