My son has autism


My son has autism Makiko Sano

Leon was 2 weeks early and quite small when he was born. I remember I needed to push even though the midwife was telling me not to.

For a long time he didn’t sleep well so I had to carry him around with baby carrier all day even I was cooking or vacuuming.

He was happy to be around me and his family but he hardly spoke. I went to see the doctor but they always said that boys tend to be slow talkers, so I didn’t think anything of it.

He loved cuddling with me and he would cry if someone else tried to hold him. He loved to sleep with me all the time and was happy to follow me around.

He went to nursery when he was 3 and half, and his teacher told me that we should see a child educational psychologist.

When we did she gave him some toys to play with, called his name behind his back, and asked him to follow her instructions.

I was quite shocked to see that he couldn’t didn’t respond to any of them. He was in his own world playing with his toys.

When the educational psychologist told me that he has autistic, I didn’t know what it was. She told me to book some music therapy and other therapy to work on his communication skills. She also said that he may not fit in normal education and life. She also offered some special needs home that he can go to in the future.

I felt down to my knees. I didn’t know how I should feel. I had never known what autism was, and to suddenly process that my son had this was overwhelming.

I remembered I cried so much that evening.

The reason I decided to study autism was purely because I didn’t know anything about it.

I wanted to know what it was, why Leon has it, and mostly what I can do for him to get better. I didn’t want to believe he couldn’t get better. I was ready to cure him and wanted to prove to the doctor that my son can fit in society.