My Wisper

My dog Wisper.

I have to thank my dog wisper who has been looking after me all this time. She has been a huge part of my physical recovery after I was knocked over and was rushed to hospital, and my mental recovery from a dark place.

She has helped me meet some great people from our walks together. I usually don’t have much time to talk to people apart from when I’m working, so being able to meet new people has helped me become more social. She motivates me to wake up at 5am everyday life over the summer. I have never been a morning person, I’ve always hated it. Now it’s become part of my routine, and I feel as though I appreciate each day so much more. She sleeps next to me every night and comforts me. I never feel lonely when she’s there.She always listens to my problems, even though she sometimes falls asleep during our conversations. Wisper loves everyone.

She is so happy to see me even if I just go out for 5 minutes to get some milk.Thank you for been there for me, Wisper. I promise I will be there for you all the way.