Our skin is alive too!

In Japan we have a principle that what you put on your skin is as important as what you eat; they try and maintain a healthy diet packed with vegetables and vitamins, they apply this same philosophy to their skincare products.
In Japanese skincare, there is a strong emphasis on the importance of investing time and care into your daily routine rather than simply splashing out on expensive products.
Face massages are strongly recommended to reduce puffiness by stimulating and training toxins from the lymph glands.We love our skin care. A lot of women spend so much money on skin care products, and are always looking for something that will give them “firming”, “brighting” and “young and smooth skin”.
Many Japanese women look much younger than their age. I will show you one of the massages we do at home that benefits the circulation in your face.
Lymph massages:
Lymph is a fluid in your immune system that helps collect unwanted materials to remove from the body. Its circulation through the body is an important part of the health in your immune system.
The Lymph has no pump so we should massage it to get rid of toxins before its get blocked.I highly recommended this to everybody!
For the best results you should use some cream or face gel or oil to massage. This helps move your hands across your skin smoothly.

CautionDo not over do it when you are very tired.Not recommended 2 hours after your meals and when you had some drinks .Not recommended if you have sensitive skin.You can see the results after having a shower.Recommend to have some cream or facial body to massage.Recommend to dry your skin after your massage.