plum wine

Plum wine is popular alcoholic drink that is often made at home in Japan. You can keep it for a very long time, and the taste only gets better with every year.

Join us and make some delicious plum wine! Makiko will also be serving some dishes that compliment the wine. We recommend to leave your plum wine for 3 months for the best flavour, so it’s perfect for a Christmas gift!

The class details:

  1. Introduction to different plum wines
  2. Tips on how to drink plum wine
  3. Food tasters to have with the wine
  4. Making your own plum wine
  5. Enjoy the rest of the evening with more wine and food!


    • All the ingredients and equipments are provided.
    • You will get a recipe on making plum wine and how to store it.
    • We serve sashimi, cheese, raw prawn, salad, and much more Izakaya food.


£48 per person


The address for the class will be provided when the class is booked.


Hope to see you there!