Ramune: Funny shaped soda bottle!

Ramune is a Japanese soft drink that is greatly popular in the summer, and is known for it’s strange shaped bottle that has a marble inside of it! This type of bottle is called the Codd-neck bottle, named after the creator Hiram Codd from Camberwell, who designed it in 1872.

The glass bottle is pinched in under the neck, and when the drink is sealed the marble is secured at the top just under the lid by the pressure of the carbonated drink. The lid is then pressed down in order for the marble the drop down in the top chamber, releasing the pressure. They were popularly used for soft drinks across Europe, India, and islands around and including Australia, but production of them gradually declined. Vintage Codd-neck bottles are collector item in the UK. These bottles are still produced in Japan and India.

The original flavour is lemon-lime, and they also have other fruity flavours like blueberry, melon, grape, and strawberry. Ramune also comes in the form of candy and ice lollies! I remember drinking it as a child on hot summer afternoons with my cousins; it brings back so many memories!