Self Love

How many times can you reset your life? 

I have reset my life several times, but on this most recent occasion it was tough. 
I felt lost, angry, worried, tired, regretful, and I just wanted to hide in bed
I believe that these times are very important in your life to get back where you are.
It’s ok to cry, be alone, switch your phone, and disappear.  But most annoyed thing is the world is still moving around you. Like no one cares about you. You have so much to say but feel like no point of saying. Or can’t be asked to do it because you don’t want any drama. 
It’s ok. Stay in bed. Cry as much as you need. Shout if you are angry. Do whatever you need to let it go. 
Letting go is one of the most difficult things. But I feel it’s important to remember that letting go doesn’t mean that all is forgiven, and instead letting go is not letting the issues control you. 
My physical and mental health wasn’t in a good place. Being optimistic was hard. It was hard to listen to other people when they said that it will all be okay, and that I’ll be fine. I started thinking negatively, and I developed toxic thoughts. I often felt lost with people who I thought were important in my life, I started to overthink things that have been said in the past, and looking too much into the relationships that have faded over the years.
I lost confidence. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I felt better being alone for a long time. 
I have changed. I am in a happy place at the moment. It feels so refreshing so be cleared from the gloominess.  No. I have learnt a lot from the low times, it’s really helped me. I feel like I really needed these past few years. It was tough, but I don’t regret anything.  My past won’t control me anymore and I don’t owe anyone anything.