Super seeds SESAME

We have 2 types of sesame seeds: Black sesame seeds and white sesame seeds. They are very tiny and are usually used for decoration.Most people don’t know how much nutrition these tiny seeds hold!
Sesame seeds contain 50% oil (sesame oil), a lot of protein and essential amino acids.They also contain calcium, magnesium, and iron. What is interesting is that it contains the vitamin Tocopherol.This vitamin helps with ageing, and also does wonders for your overall health.
To get the most benefits from sesame seeds:

  • Grated – I put them in a blender to grate and keep them in an air tight container. They smell is so good and you can make some great dishes adding some to vegetables.
  • Roasted – these smell a little smokey and has a good crunch when you eat it. It’s great with meat dishes as well as with salads.

How much should you have per day? 1 tea spoon a day is the ideal amount to maintain your health! 

Super seeds SESAME Makiko Sano