Tasteless tofu to delicious tofu

Many people tell me that they rarely eat tofu because it doesn’t taste of anything.

I disagree! I love tofu, and you can make many delicious meals with it!

It’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians as well as people who are on a diet!

To help you cook with it, it’s good to know more about it:

Soya milk becomes tofu when a coagulant such as nigari is added.

Tofu is made up of 80% water.

1 box (300g-400g) of tofu contains about 380 to 400 soya grains


We have 2 types of tofu: silken tofu or firm tofu, both of which have their own varieties.

They are used for all sorts of different dishes.

Vegan people prefer to use hard tofu as it has a nice texture, and is often used as a meat substitute.


I want to introduce you to some tofu dishes I love.